Every Wednesday at 11am CST, TOFSC has its weekly conference call.  Each weekly call follows the same 30-minute max. format and includes a Guest Speaker.  See below for the format as well as links to the recorded calls!

Conference Call Format:

  • Introduction from Michael Brown with follow up on last week’s call.
  • Industry News and Developments.
  • OCCC Developments, Comments, Updates.
  • CFPB Comments, Comments, Updates.
  • Vendor, Service, or Issue Feature, led by Special Guest Speaker.
  • Member Q&A / Forum
  • Wrap Up, Teaser for next week’s call, and TOFSC To-do’s.


Example Calls: (cut and paste link into browser window)

7/30/2014:           http://fccdl.in/39dNzDPbn

8/6/2014:             http://fccdl.in/wOz2dcBMh

8/13/2014:           http://fccdl.in/bR6MWTdS8

8/20/2014:           http://fccdl.in/bR6MWTdS8

8/27/2014:           http://fccdl.in/g4PM1lsYr

9/3/2014:             http://fccdl.in/3SFkuQbGK

9/10/2014:           http://fccdl.in/nJ1AXtB9Z